Our Services

Focused on ensuring your projects are successful

Team Meta development teams iterate and communicate. We work openly with client teams, working hard to transfer our knowledge so our clients can achieve self-sufficiency. 

We are recognized as the meta data driven development services experts. Our consultants have extensive experience in BC government information technology and information management, data warehouse change and transition management, data warehouse development, data warehouse implementation and data warehouse operations in British Columbia.

Our primary focus is on delivering high quality metadata driven development services and systems that reduce the cost of application development and maintenance and provide added value to our clients.

Team Meta has made significant contributions to the intangible property assets of the BC Government through developing a number of award winning applications.  Team Meta is highly motivated, professional and responsive to client needs, continually striving to increase value and reduce costs through reuse, i.e. metadata driven development. 

This approach facilitated our developing the GAME infrastructure and enabled the BC Government to realize continued cost savings by its reuse. Team Meta consultants are now using GAME across a number of BC Government Ministries, enabling significant cost reductions by reusing enterprise data models, common application development frameworks and application components.

With the success of GAME and with increasing demand for GAME resources, Team Meta is also committed to growing the community of computer systems professionals that are proficient in the use of GAME for application development.

Our services include:

Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence

Managed Analytics